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   Stitches 'n Stuff is a home-based, family-run endeavor built around the craft skills of Darlene Chapman, who has been enjoying sewing and crafts since 4-H days.

        In 2003, Darlene purchased a Husqvarna-Viking Designer I (DI) embroidery machine, and the cast was set.  Friends, neighbors and relatives soon found that they had an alternate resource to those mail-order or local embroidery shops.  So much so, that in the 30 days before Christmas 2004, we almost ruined the DI by running it almost constantly for the entire month (it's a fantastic machine, but not built for that utilization).  Luckily, with some speedy service from the dealer we were back in production in a couple of days and got everyone's Christmas orders delivered on time (thanks FedEx for delivering on Christmas Eve!!).

        In September 2005, we officially started as a business by taking delivery of a 12 needle modular commercial embroidery machine.  Throughout 2008 and 2009, we have continued to expand our production capacity using modular embroidery equipment from Tajima, recognized as one of the best pieces of equipment in the industry.  Our experience and our customer's comments bear out that recognition.  By the way - the Designer I is still in production, our heirloom products such as our commemorative baby blankets are done exclusively on that machine.  Our production facility is built around providing low quantity, high quality custom work.  However - large orders are no issue either - the same quality and service is available no matter what the size or complexity of the order.

        Our product offering is customer-need driven - we have expanded to include heat-applied lettering and designs, rhinestone and rhinestud designs plus custom graphic work to support those offerings including screen printing for those orders that work better in that media.

          We celebrate 10 years of service by moving our production facility and opening a showroom in downtown East Palestine.  We welcome our loyal clients and friends to stop by and visit. 

        From the beginning, we decided to only use the best components in our work, from polyester thread that won't fade to plenty of support material that ensures that your design doesn't curl, fray or shrink.  We have the latest in software to allow us to assemble any special design, over 50,000 designs in stock and are connected to all the major design suppliers.   We also contract with professional digitizers to provide custom logos and designs from pictures. We don't compromise quality at the cost of our customers.  We value all our clients as friends and keep that in mind while completing your order.