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Stitches n Stuff is a family run business that provides custom design and embroidery services to individuals, groups or businesses.  Custom is our specialty   choose from one of our stock designs or Stitches n Stuff will create a design to your specifications.  From team spirit wear to corporate / business wear and awards to gifts, we can customize to your requirements to produce the perfect apparel or gift!!  Stitches n Stuff has the latest technology in software and equipment to produce top quality products.  We partner with the finest suppliers in the industry to make sure your product is the best possible.


1.        We are open now and going forward for business.

2.        We have converted to an on-demand presence in order to provide requested services.

3.        Our online presence will continue:

- General information is available at http://stitchesnstuff.net

- Our online stores are active at http://stitchesnstuff.net/shop

- Communicate with us via

Email - sales@stitchesnstuff.net

FaceBook messaging @stitchesnstuffep

FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/StitchesnStuffEP

Voice Phone/Messages 330-426-9500

- We will arrange consultation appointments and appropriate delivery of orders as needed.